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CommunistCrimes.org is an initiative of the Unitas Foundation, a non-governmental non-profit organisation founded in 2008. The mission of the Unitas Foundation is to build reconciliation within and between socities divided by communism. Conducting research and spreading information on the Worlds communist legacy underpins the foundation's mission as awareness of communism will ensure that people regardless of their origin will understand the ideology and its implications. This helps to avoid such mistakes in the future, aids nations that suffered from communist crimes in coming to terms with their past, and ensures that nations that have not directly experienced communism better understand those that did.

The foundation depends largely on fundraising and donations. Private or public sponsors of research are invited to contribute to the Unitas Foundation on the basis of research and advisory projects. With your help, we are ready to press ahead.

For more information about the featured projects, other grantors, particular Unitas Foundation documents or publications, please send your contacts and specify your donation interests. Your funding will facilitate mediation of professional advice to post-Communist societies.

Sponsors and grantors:

International Organizations and Foundations
Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation
People in Need
Konrad Adenauer Stiftung

Other Nonprofit Organizations or Persons

Educational Initiative for Central and Eastern Europe
Mart Laar
Meelis Niinepuu
Damian von Stauffenberg

Bank accounts:

SEB  Bank:  10220081782010
IBAN: EE85 1010 2200 8178 2010