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The Crimes of Communism

The purpose of the Foundation for the Investigation of Communist Crimes is to diffuse knowledge and increase international understanding of the crimes against humanity conducted by violent communist regimes across the globe in different times. The Foundation stands for freedom and human rights.

The goal of the Foundation is to deal away with a shockingly common and ubiquitous illusion that any ‘semi-good’ violent regimes – yet based on the violation of human rights, torture and constant threat on life – ever existed or could exist. Only then will it be possible to transform of the last remaining totalitarian regimes to free-market democracies respecting human rights and civil liberties.

The Communist terror and that of Holocaust are one. The two are indistinguishable. Howbeit, one has been purposely forgotten and is being thus silently legitimized and those responsible rehabilitated.

There is no such thing as good terror. Winning or losing a war can and should never be seen or used as a just cause for any resulting torture, murder or ethnic cleansing. Communist crimes need to be understood globally, and they must be condemned the same way Nazi crimes were.

No man in the world should ever allow oneself a silent permissive position towards mass murders, acts of torture and violations of human rights conducted by one regime, while vociferously condemning identical acts performed by another.

In pursuing its mission, the Foundation gathers data regarding Communist crimes and Red terror across the world, provides grants for scholarly research, diffuses information globally via modern communication channels, and supports experts advising the last remaining communist regimes in their transformation to free democracies.