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Czech Republic will pay anti-communist fighters


An anti-communist resistance law was passed in Czech Republic. Those who participated in the struggle against the communist regime are now entitled to demand recognition of their actions - the appropriate status and one-time financial compensation.

People who until 1989 took part in the fight against a totalitarian dictatorship will be able to demand formal recognition of the status of the fighter with the communist regime and one-time financial compensation, reports.

Claims for recognition can be submitted to the Ministry of Defence, which has launched dedicated Internet portal and the telephone line.

The law came into force on a symbolic day when the Czech Republic recalls the 22-th anniversary of the "velvet" revolution, which resulted in the communist regime collapse.

According to law members of resistance will receive 100 000 Czech korunas (about 3850 euros). Spouses of deceased participants of resistance will be receive half of that amount. If the resistance fighter pension is lower than the average, the state will as a gift enhance their pension to the level of the average.

Those who are denied recognition of the status of the fighter with the communist regime will apply to the so-called ethics committee which will consider the request again.