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Orban: Hungary must close post-communist chapter


Hungary must end its prolonged post-communist period, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said at the founding session of the Hungarian Diaspora Council in parliament.

Orban said post-communism was not just a "feeling" but a structure, one where constitutional institutions are generally weak, where old social networks from the previous regime triumph over market regulation, and where monopolies and cartels squeeze out competition, reports.

He said whereas the Czech Republic had shred this system within five to six years and Poland managed to close the era within a decade, Hungary is among the last states to put an end to post-communism.

Such an attempt was seen at last year's elections, when very many people voted for Fidesz who had never thought of doing this before in the belief that a substantial parliamentary majority was needed to end post-communism, Orban said.

The prime minister said now the government saw its mission to close the post-communist chapter, which is why the past 18 months had been so hectic, charged with debate over changes to the labour code or the public education system, which he said were all logical consequences of the government's efforts to draw a line under the post-communist period.

Orban told the Council, comprising representatives of the Hungarian communities all over the world, that the policy of the nation had proven successful over the past twenty years, but efforts to unite Hungarians scattered over the globe had so far been in vain.

Orban said that in times of economic hardship, the nation needed all its members to help out in efforts to boost economic growth. "14-15 million Hungarians can do much more than 10 million," he said.