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Biographies & Memories

P. Solodko: Memories about famine of the 33d

Pavlo Solodko, who was born in 1922, is a pensioner, former director of Bakhmatsk school №2, teacher of mathematics and astronomy. A story was written down in 1997 by his granddaughter. Read more ...

Memories of Polina Dmytrivna Popovych

My mother was born on the 21-st of November,1928 in the village Zapadynka Vasyljkiv district Kyiv region (nowadays the village is joined to the territory of Vasyljkiv) in the family of Dmytro and Khrystyna Klymenko. Togather with their parents, elder brother Petro and sister Maria they went through famine in their own farmstead in this village. Mother was the fifth and the youngest child in the family. Besides mentioned sister Maria and brother Petro parents brought up also the eldest: Kilia and Vasyl. Just they (Kilia and Vasyl) "entered" Komsomol in voluntary-forced order. And they asked on their knees not to hide the food. Maria and Petro were small at that time. Thanks God, their age didn't meet the requirements of Komsomol yet. Read more ...


  • About 15 million persons suffered from Communist repressions in Ukraine
  • On 30 December 1922, along with the Russian, Byelorussian, and Transcaucasian republics, the Ukrainian SSR was one of the founding members of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)