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  • 21.03.2014 Kyiv Signs EU Agreement As Putin Signs Crimea Annexation

    Moscow has completed the process of making Ukraine's Crimea part of Russia, as Ukraine's prime minister, in a highly symbolic move, signed a political cooperation agreement with the European Union.

  • 06.03.2014 Russia's Actions In Crimea Stir Bad Memories In Former East Bloc

    Russia's intervention in Crimea has brought back bad memories among its former satellites. In much of the former Soviet Union, and among Moscow's former Warsaw Pact allies in Eastern Europe, there are renewed concerns about Russia flexing its military might on Ukraine's Black Sea peninsula.


  • 31.01.2014 Prosecutors Initiate Check of Dozhd TV

    Prosecutors on Thursday said they were examining embattled Dozhd television for possible extremism charges related to a viewer poll about World War II, as the independent channel attempted to rally amid strong political pressure directed against it.