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Historical Introduction

Red Square in Moscow May 9, 2008. Symbols of pain for the millions..

In both relative and absolute terms, Russia is one of the countries having suffered most in the hands of Communists. The Communist coup of 1917 and power consolidation during the civil war destroyed the existing Russian way of life, wiped away the thin layer of intelligentia that had kept the country on the path of civilization and rendered the Russian people in the hands of Communists who exploited them to spread war and destruction to other countries. The attempt to build a Communist empire ended in failure and Russia sunk into one of the deepest crises of its history in the 1990s. The number of victims of Communism in Russia is subject to various estimates. According to the „Black Book of Communism”, some 20 million perished, while academic A. Yakovlev claims that the Communist-triggered civil war alone claimed some 13 million lives, topped by 5,5 million who starved to death in early 1920s and the 5 million famine dead of the 1930s. According to Yakovlev, 20-25 million people were executed or died in prison camps as a result of Communist terror. With millions killed by mass deportations, the number of victims could be between 50-60 million. This figure does not include the estimated 27 million Soviet lives lost in the Second World War that Stalin helped unleash.
Russia has yet to overcome the demographic, social and economic disaster inflicted by Communism.