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Justice Ministry building seized by pro-European protesters


Pro-European protest rallies remain powerful across Ukraine with one of the buildings of the Justice Ministry in the capital Kiev becoming their stronghold overnight.
Participants in Kiev's riots have seized the buildings of the Ministry without resistance to keep warm and spend the night there, Russia's ITAR-TASS reported, citing a press release of the Ministry of the Interior of the country.
116 protesters have been arrested by riot police Berkut prior to that.
Ukraine's Justice Minister, Olena Lukash, cited by The BBC, has warned antigovernment protesters occupying her ministry that she will call on the National Security and Defense Council to declare a state of emergency if they do not leave and on the President to halt any negotiations with protesters.
Protesters are quoted in saying that the seizure of the Ministry is a symbolic act and they were not going to do any hooliganism or hurt anyone.
Meanwhile, protests against the Ukrainian government have spread to eastern and southern regions, traditional strongholds of President Viktor Yanukovych.

On January 26, protesters tried to storm local government buildings in the eastern cities of Zaporyzhzhya and Dnipropetrovsk, but were repelled by police using tear gas, water cannon, and stun grenades.

Further anti-Yanukovych protests were held in the southern city of Odesa and Kharkiv in the northeast.

Protesters have occupied municipal government offices in up to 10 regions in the west of the country, where opposition is strongest.

Analysts say it is the greatest unrest Ukraine has witnessed since the collapse of the Soviet Union.,


  • August 6, 1940 - Estonia became a part of Soviet Union
  • From June 1940 until August 1941, more than 7000 Estonian citizens were arrested


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