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Biographies & Memories


I remember 24 March, 1949, a work day in the Township Council. In the afternoon, Comrade Karotamm was to arrive to meet personally with the township 'actives', as they were then called. Throughout the day we cleaned up, and made banners; a book table was brought in from the bookshop, later a snack bar with fresh buns and other things.

Mari Pukkonen

Mari Pukkonen started wondering what happened to her family members who disappeared after the Second World War.
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Paul Grünthal

In 1940 Edgar Grünthal fled to Canada with his father from the Soviet occupation of Estonia, leaving his sisters and mother behind.
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Sander Tuul

As a child, Sander Tuul didn't want to become an astronaut or a fireman, he wanted to become a forest brother just like his great grandfather Villu.
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Alo Aasma

Alo Aasma lives in a small town in Estonia. His grandfather was deported twice to Siberia.
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Silvi Teesalu

Silvi Teesalu was the head of the Danish Cultural Institute in Estonia. She tells about the deportation to Siberia of her family.
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Arnold Unt

Arnold Unt is a military archaeologist whose mission is to find the burial sites of the unknown.
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Maret Schultz

Maret's father was a member of the Defence League and an active community member.Maret was deported to Siberia together with her mother and sister in 1941.
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Tuuli ja Paul Rehemaa

Paul's father was an officer in the Estonian Defence Forces, which is why the Soviet power deported him to Siberia.
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Kristjan Pett

Kristjan Pett, born in 1915, is the last officer of the Estonian cavalry who is still alive.
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Jaak Ruus

Jaak was deported to Siberia as a child less than 10 months old because of his father who belonged to the Defence League of Estonia.
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Ants Laaneots

General Ants Laaneots, former Commander-in-Chief of the Estonian Defence Forces grew up in Siberia.
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Andres Kasekamp

Andres Kasekamp, a descendant of Estonian refugees of the Soviet occupation, was born and raised in Canada.
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Haldi Teras

Haldi's father went missing in 1941, during the first occupation of Estonia by the Soviet Union.
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Mirjam Rausberg

Mirjam has made an animation about the story of her grandmother Raissa.
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  • August 6, 1940 - Estonia became a part of Soviet Union
  • From June 1940 until August 1941, more than 7000 Estonian citizens were arrested


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