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Historical Introduction


Bosnia-Herzogovina is a country in South-East Europe, on the Balkan peninsula. The history of Bosnia has not been easy, it has been conquered by many foreign powers and has become religiously and nationally divided. During the II World War Bosnia was occupied by Croatia and fell victim to ethnic cleansing and civil war. Part of population joined Croatian forces, other Serbian Chetniks and third communist partisans. In 1944-1945 communist partisans achieved victory, Yugoslavian Republic was created  and the terror against the non communist forces launched. After mass-killings in 1945, thousands of people were arrested and send to the labour camps. Even as compared to other communist countries Yugoslavia was liberal country and developed well, the opposition was not allowed. In 1983 several moslem dissidents were send to jail, as a result conflicts only increased in Bosnia. After the collapse of communism bloody civil war started. Bosnia has even not by now healed the wounds of this terrible conflict.